English is the lingua franca of the modern world. It is the official language in fifty-three nations and is spoken by four hundred million people of different dialects and origins. According to research, nearly 2 billion individuals studied English in 2020.

If you are a new student, learning English should not be difficult. Access online media, read books, and undertake activities to improve your skills. Like other linguistics, English also contains multiple aspects, such as sentence structuring and vocabulary building.

There are various books to improve your vocabulary. Thesaurus is one of them. It comprises a word list that defines your choice of words to use in a sentence. It gives a new meaning to the document or story. Moreover, the quality enhances too. Another word-building tool includes the English vocabulary builder book.

This tome helps improve business letter writing and email drafting. In addition, new learners can also enhance the quality of their essays. People can face difficulties finding new words in glossaries to expand their vocabulary. That’s why our blog is the perfect solution. It discusses ten novel English words to improve your vocabulary in 2023. So, let’s start!


  1. Mirroring
    Definition: To be similar in action. Another meaning of mirroring is impersonating someone.
    Synonyms: reflect, echo, intimate, copy, mimic, impersonate, and emulate.
    Sentences: The mirroring of the trees on the lake was a sight to behold.
    Andy has a mirroring effect on Jamie; she copies her looks and appearance.
  1. Vis-à-vis
    Definition: A one-on-one meeting; Regarding a person in context.
    Synonyms: In relation to, with regards to, in respect of, as concerns, face to face, opposite to each other, and comparison.
    Sentence: Sam decided to have a vis-à-vis communication with his furious boss.
    You should not relate Mary to Sophie. They are vis-à-vis counterparts to each other. 


  1. Self-Confidence
    Definition: Having faith and belief in your inner self.
    Synonym: Abilities, qualities, skills, self-assurance, and morale.
    Sentence: Alex should have the self-confidence to speak before the audience
                        His personality always displays courage, determination, and self-confidence. 


  1. Judgments
    Definition: Form an opinion or make a decision.
    Synonym: Decision, opinion, sense, idea, conclusion, suggestion, estimation.
    Sentence: Courts give their judgments based on concrete facts and evidence.
                       The judgments passed about the suspect were correct. He was an absconder who      traveled with fake documents.


  1. Intelligence
    Definition: A surveillance unit or agency. Mental skill and capacity to plan.
    Synonym: Observation, surveillance, intelligence, brilliance, alertness, wisdom, and brainpower.
    Sentence: Police raided a group of criminals after receiving information from an intelligence team.
    Eric is famous for his intelligence at the university. He always comes first in class.


  1. Dubious
    Definition: Having doubts.
    Synonym: Uncertainty, unsure, suspicious, skeptical, questionable, arguable, and problematic.
    Sentence: She was dubious about the machine’s functionality. It created a loud noise during Operation.


  1. Head Start
    Definition: An advantage acquired in a competition.
    Synonym: race, competition, endeavor, excel, take a favor.
    Sentence: My company took a head start in achieving a high market share.
    You need a head start to achieve career success.



  1. Professional Success
    Definition: Success and achievement in your professional career and life.
    Synonym: Endeavors, achievements, honors, triumphs, careers, and corporate business goals.
    Sentence: James achieved professional success through hard work and dedication.
    Enjoy professional success by improving your vocabulary.


  1. Serendipity
    Definition: Having a stroke of unexpected luck and fortune.
    Synonym: Luck, fortune, destiny, benefit, success, prosperity, opulence, fate, chance, accident.
    Sentence: Meeting my colleague after a long time was pure serendipity.
    It was serendipity that I met my wife at a hill station.


  1. Scrimp
    Definition: Spending within limited means. Not using money extravagantly.
    Synonym: Frugal, economize, cut back, save, and cheap.
    Sentence: You can buy book to improve vocabulary if you scrimp the entire year.


Can Learning New Words make you Smarter?


According to research, learning new words can impact brain functioning. The relationship between vocabulary and smartness exists from an early age to adulthood. A strong vocabulary helps in several ways: It opens our minds, allows us to communicate effectively, and improves self-expression.

Our memory has a huge storage capacity. According to research, the human brain is known to possess a size of 2.5 petabytes. Learn from different sources like books, magazines, online articles, and research papers. You can also play word-based games with your friends. The most common ones are Scrabble, Pictoword, Crosswords, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1: Why should a person use Oxford Dictionary?


A.1: The Oxford dictionary is one of the best dictionaries available for people. Some new words added are:

  • Goblin Mode
  • Animalizing
  • Sambaza
  • Stress disorder


Q.2: How to increase your vocabulary?


A.2: You can find a list of powerful words on the Internet to boost your vocabulary. These words enhance the value of your content and make it readable. Other methods include:

  • Reading books
  • Watching movies
  • Use thesaurus


Q.3: Can I learn 100 words in a day?


A.3: Learning 100 words in a day is relatively easy. You can buy a book in which new words are available to learn. You can learn the list by heart and apply it to increase flow and productivity.


Q.4: How can I improve my vocabulary quickly?


A.4: It is easy to enhance your vocabulary: Follow multiple techniques to get better at learning the English language. Develop your reading habit and learn more words. You can also use a dictionary to find difficult words. Buy essential vocabulary eBook now!


Q.5: What are the reasons for having a poor vocabulary?


A.5: There can be countless reasons for a weak vocabulary. Some examples are word choice, sentence structure, grammar, and poor writing style. The best idea is to find an online vocabulary essential book to learn quickly.



A strong vocabulary improves the four modes of communication, namely reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It shares extensive knowledge to upgrade and enrich the glossary. English is a simple language that can be learned quickly. Take your time and effort to learn new words.

Are you in need of improving your vocabulary or need books to improve your vocabulary? Use thesaurus, word-based games, magazines, flashcards, and more to learn and manage new words. If you want to know more, visit MPC Author today.

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