Writing an essay combines a detailed article and an interesting blog, which is informative and enlightening for the reader. Essays are based on a particular idea, subject, or topic explained in a fascinating way. In other words, an essay is a short piece of writing based on real-world facts and personal opinions.

Essay writing plays a pivotal role in cognitive development and learning. Your creative skills improve significantly, especially in the fiction genre. Ameliorate your intelligence and thought process by writing on different topics.

Let’s learn how to write better essays in English.


  1. Combine a Thesaurus & Notebook Quiz
    A strong grasp of English terminologies is necessary to execute a compelling composition. You can download the best language-learning apps on your phone or check a vocabulary book for adults at a local bookstore. Dictionary.com’s sidekick Thesaurus.com is the best you can get on the Internet. Try to learn new words daily; absorb them from conversations, movies, TV shows, YouTube, etc.Level up your writing skills by using proper vocabulary. Keep a notebook to jot down words for later use. You can also indulge in fun activities like word-based games, quizzes, and more. You can speed up the English language erudition process by using the best vocabulary apps for iPhone and Android.


  1. Find Credible Sources
    You can add valid website links in the reference section at the end of the essay. Know that compositions aren’t just about writing creatively; it tests your research and analytical capabilities. Use text for palpable materials such as books, magazines, and other notable works.


  1. Structure an Outline with Captions
    Never rush while writing an essay; prepare a rough draft with key points for explanation. A fluent essay resembles an English language learning process, where you move steadily in an appropriate order.
    To create a good outline, use bullet points. Next, right down your main theme and ideas – add categories/captions with interesting questions. Lastly, shorten your essay by removing redundancy, irrelevant points, complex concepts, and unclear sentences.


  1. Choose Your Writing Style
    Using an appropriate style can communicate information effectively. There are several aspects that a writer should implement: Tone, grammar, descriptive technique, and more. Your writing style garners a unique set of readers with similar characteristics. For example, most readers will prefer emotions, suspense, and thrill if you are a mystery writer. Likewise, a romantic crowd would like to read about intimacy and love.


  1. Use Pomodoro Time Management Method
    This technique was devised by Mr. Francesco Cirillo during the 1980s when trying to develop the perfect management tool. He used a kitchen timer to schedule and complete a specific task. The method is based on focused work broken by five-minute breaks. Each interval is labeled as Pomodoro.


  1. Pay Close Attention to Grammatical Mistakes
    Grammar is an important factor in essay writing. Using a proper tone can help in many ways: You can develop a fluent composition, improve communication, and make reading and listening easier. Other parameters include vocabulary, writing styles, formatting, and word count limit.


  1. Hook the Reader with Captivating Vocabulary
    How to write better essays in English? A question that requires research and intellectual capacity. For starters, you can have an American English vocabulary book. Add new words to your essay and enthrall the reader. Sprinkle some interesting facts, dot your opinions, and add a touch of sarcasm to increase the interest level.


  1. Talk Directly to Readers
    Developing an interesting essay will help you connect with readers instinctively. However, it would be better to have a conversation with the readers. Think of your compositions as love letters written to your dear ones. Widen your reader’s base by delivering high-quality content.


  1. Read Essays on the Internet
    You can search the web and read material written by other essayists. Examine their writing styles, subject choices, and other techniques to create compelling content. Highlight key points and infuse them in your writing style.


  1. Reread the Essay, Edit, Proofread, Reword… Repeat!
    As Virginia Woolf said, “A good essay must have this permanent quality about it; it must draw curtain round us, but it must be a curtain that shuts us in.” Polish your essay to perfection. Look for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, missing punctuation, and off-topic deviances. 




Essays or compositions are well-written articles with additions of a blog-esque writing style. The writer manages his thoughts, philosophies, and opinions regarding the chosen subject matter. A fluent composition can attract readers globally. Develop your writing technique today and feel the difference.

Please do not buy essential vocabulary ebooks from a local or affordable online shop. It can be an expensive deal. Moreover, the book’s quality is not satisfactory. Groom your language skills by navigating the MPC Author’s website today!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Can you give some tips for writing better essays?

A.1: Reading books is the best trick to enhance your essay writing abilities. Keeping a dictionary and thesaurus by your side is also essential. Mirror-talking can help you come up with different thoughts and ideas. Lastly, search the web to overcome your deficiencies.


Q2. Do English essays develop future career paths? 

A.2: Interesting essays can help you travel around the world. Meet renowned authors of different genres and converse with them. Become a motivational speaker, a mentor, and even a counselor if you have an academic background. Other top jobs include editor, content writer, digital marketer, technical writer, copywriter, and research analyst.


Q3. There are different types of essays. Can you name some?

A.3: Subjective writing is the most common type. Others are argumentative, expository, descriptive, narrative, literary analysis, comparative, and rhetorical.


Q4. How to write better essays in English with structuring elements?

A.4: Many people assume that essay writing is simple, but it’s no bed of roses. Writing formal articles involve a well-thought-out hierarchy. Begin by choosing your title, followed by research and outline. Develop the framework in bullet points. Editing and proofreading are essential for creating a good essay.  


Q5. Provide some good English essay formats?

A.5: MLA format is the most sought-after style in essay writing. Thousands of writers use it to create an interesting composition. The APA (American Psychological Association) is another notable format. MLA is used for writing on humanities subjects: languages, literary works, media, fiction/ non-fiction, etc. APA, on the other hand, is ideal for social and behavioral sciences.

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