The English language is one of the easiest languages to learn. From various TV shows to comprehensive videos on the Internet, you can learn almost anything.

Before implementing the learning plan, you need to verify the sources. Books and English learning apps are an exception. An English study plan should follow these pointers:


  • Maintain break sessions
  • Break the course into day format (15-day, 25-day, etc.)
  • Time your class
  • Divide topics accordingly


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Keep Realistic Goals

Setting goals is essential to learn any language at home, be it English. As a student, you can learn quickly and efficiently. So, ensure that your goals are aligned with your tasks and duration. For example, if it is a 30-day course, then opt for beneficial solutions. In other words, you should select the appropriate methods to learn. Reading books, writing stories, and talking to friends are some examples.


You can also use the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebound) goals technique to help you achieve results in quick time.


Improve your Basics

No one can master the English language until their basics are not strong. To improve your skills, follow the pointers mentioned below:


  • Listen: Watch movies with subtitles for better comprehension. You can also listen to songs, stories, and translations.


  • Imitate: Opt for some fun activities (imitation) after listening to movies, music, and stories. Make dramas, sing songs, or use movie dialogues.


  • Practice: Sharpen your four basic skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) through repetition.


Read Books

As Earnest Hemingway said, “There is no loyal friend as a book.” A true and unequivocal statement, to be precise. Reading books can help improve your basic and advanced skills. Moreover, it can broaden your vision and thinking capacity too.


Reading is a practice you can enjoy at your home. You can download books from the Internet or order online at your convenience. Start with basic word books that consist of characters, things, places, and English vocabulary. Use the best vocabulary book for adults and learn new words every day. Use them in your writing and vocals constantly.


Use a Thesaurus 

Thesaurus is a valuable book to help increase your vocabulary and avoid repetition of words. There are different types that you can use at home:


General Thesaurus: This type is used by most people. The words are organized by category or alphabetically.


Specialized Thesaurus: It is used for a special profession or field.


Electronic Thesaurus: Exists on the Internet or a word processor application.


This book is useful for both native and non-native speakers. It can provide clues to the reader or writer who wants to relate his work in a better way. If you want to buy book to improve your vocabulary, reach out to your nearest bookstore or search the Internet.


Take Online English Language Classes

Online classes are beneficial in many ways. There are two types of classes: Group, and 1-on-1, each with its own advantages. If you want to improve your basics, opt for 1-on-1 sessions. Otherwise, select the group session and socialize. Boost your confidence by registering with a reliable institution or an experienced English language instructor.


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Watch Movies

It seems odd, but movies can create an astounding impact. Watch Hollywood movies to understand dialogues and conversations and improve your spoken English. The King’s Speech, Akeelah and the Bee, and Toy Story are some examples. Imitate the scenes and dialogues in the movie for better comprehension.


Speak with Others

Speaking builds confidence and increases brainpower. You must learn English by speaking at home with people around you, be it your siblings, parents, cousins, or friends. You can develop meaningful connections with your acquaintances too. Improve your decision-making and problem-solving skills by conversing on a daily basis.


Play Vocabulary and Word-Puzzle Games

Most English newspapers have a small section dedicated to word-puzzle games, such as Crosswords. It is based on adding words in a fixed pattern, either horizontally or vertically. You can also play Scrabble, Boggle, and Pass the Bomb to boost your vocabulary.


Use Learning Apps 

A learning app (Duolingo, Beelingu, HelloTalk, or Grammarly) is one of the best tools for individuals who want to improve their skills. Using technology was a choice, but now it’s a necessity. English learning apps render familiarity with the latest words and phrases. It helps individuals to generate new and interesting content.


A learning app offers features like video-based content, live tutorials and sessions, testing knowledge, gamification, and more. According to research, the use of learning apps has increased in the past few years. Students have gained ample knowledge and shown keen interest in their studies.


So, why the wait? Download your favorite apps for free today!


Test Your Vocabulary Skills

Self-testing your vocabulary skills is an essential part of learning at home. Make tests or manage online to measure your word collection. If you want to use books or other sources, opt for eBook vocabulary for adults.


Below is a simple way to analyze your vocabulary buildup.


  • Generate a long list of words extracted from online content or books.
  • Learn the terms and use them in sentences. You can also explain the meaning or provide synonyms/antonyms
  • Take a self-test



Learn and Memorize Vocabulary

Learning is a constant and ongoing process that never ceases. You must learn to improve and elevate your vocabulary level. The best way to learn English is to memorize and use new words repeatedly. You can also play word games, take tests, or take notes.

Home Learning – Make it Fun & Entertaining 

As Alfred Mercier said, “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.” It’s a fact that needs to be adopted by home learners. If you are an English-language student who likes to study at home, make sure that the fun element prevails. During breaks, try to exercise and relax for some time. You can chat with friends and family members too.


Invite Your Friend 

Studying English at home with a native speaker is beneficial. You can learn key concepts, enjoy time, and share resources for better outcomes. The four key areas in learning a language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) can be developed easily. For example, you can converse with your friend for an extended period or watch a movie together.


Chat Online with Native Speakers

You can ‘call’ your friends to improve your English, or you can ‘call’ your friends (native speakers) online! Either way, you can achieve your goal without much hassles. Converse with them for a specific time period to understand the dialect and tone. This will boost your confidence and self-image.

Make the best English study plan for optimal results!


The Mirror Rule

Learning English with friends and family is important. Likewise, self-conversing in the mirror is also necessary, especially if you want to improve your speaking skills. Read your speech, essay, or sentences aloud to build motivation and curiosity, enhance memory, and model writing skills.



The pointers mentioned above can be applied to improve English at home. Make an English study plan to learn the language in quick time. You can also use the Internet to ameliorate your skills. Converse with friends, use learning apps or play games. You can also use an online vocabulary essential book for new words and phrases.


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