Michael Cavallaro

Michael Cavallaro is an English/ESL adjunct lecturer, researcher, and author of The EPP Method: Three Super Simple Steps to Build and Retain Essential Vocabulary for Adults.

With over 15 years of study and teaching excellence, Michael is ardent about language and education. His passion drives his writing, focusing on language retention and development, intending to help readers build an in-depth understanding of English and an ever-growing vocabulary.

Educational & Professional Background

Michael holds two post-graduate degrees in applied linguistics, a master’s degree in TESOL for adults and college, and an advanced certificate in Bilingual Education, both from New York University. He has spent over an era teaching native and non-native speakers. Throughout his career, he has worked with ESL teachers, business professionals, and company employees in various sectors, working on vocabulary development and linguistic competence.

His Belief                                 

Michael firmly believes that an inadequate vocabulary holds people back from accomplishing their full potential. He has devoted his life to developing ways to assist people in learning the English language and using it with skills and understanding.

He’s an avid lover of language and its power when used correctly and believes in lifelong learning. Through continued research and teaching, he exposes himself to new vocabulary, enhancing himself personally and professionally and helping others do the same.


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