Unique Method on ‘How to Improve English Vocabulary’ Aimed at Both Native and Non-Native Speakers Released by Linguistics Expert, Michael Cavallaro

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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – November 11, 2021) – Author and advanced linguistics expert, Michael Cavallaro recently released his revolutionary 3-step method to improving vocabulary, THE EPP METHOD: 3 SUPER SIMPLE STEPS TO BUILD AND RETAIN ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY FOR ADULTS. Recognizing that the English language can be the key to academic, legal, and corporate opportunities, Cavallaro provides an intuitive roadmap to language acquisition in this easy-to-follow guide for native speakers who strive for eloquence, and secondarily, for non native speakers who are driven for stronger expression and fluency. The book uniquely includes challenging activities that drive retention, unlike typical dry and sterile guides where learners typically read-and-forget.

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THE EPP METHOD is based on the premise that building vocabulary allows both native speakers and non-native speakers to develop a higher level of fluency and creative expression. Instead of rote memorization and boring repetition, the EPP method is based on a dynamic format that emphasizes three core elements: Exposure, Practice, Perfection. By introducing concepts in an engaging way, Cavallaro empowers students to connect with the language on a personal level, enjoy studying English, and most importantly remember what was taught so that it can actually be used in real world situations.
While other programs rely upon flashcards and regurgitating information, THE EPP METHOD includes over 100 exercises and 20 thematic passages that expose readers to new vocabulary in a more natural immersive process. Due to the author’s years of experience as a college professor, he is able to craft activities which are engagingly clever and humorous. With 4 revision units to test proficiency and games like crosswords, the EPP method is a standout instructional system.
THE EPP METHOD: 3 SUPER SIMPLE STEPS TO BUILD AND RETAIN ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY FOR ADULTS is available for purchase on Amazon. Order today to find out why THE EPP METHOD made the #1 new release in the vocabulary section on Amazon. Ever since growing up in a bilingual household that spoke Italian and English, Michael Cavallaro has had a lifelong love of language. He was inspired to develop the EPP method after obtaining two graduate degrees in applied linguistics, a master’s degree in TESOL and advanced certificate in bilingual education from NYU. Cavallaro still lives and writes in New York, where he has taught at the college level for nearly two decades.

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