Vocabulary can be defined as ‘words or phrases with specific meanings’. Both verbal and written communication will be difficult to comprehend if one does not have a clear understanding of terms and explanations. To augment your word collection, read books, interact with others, enroll in language centers, or use software applications.

Do you often ponder on the question, how can I improve my English language learning? If yes, then you need to be aware of the best method to improve your lexicon. Google the best vocabulary apps and download the ones that cater to your needs, or visit an affordable online shop to purchase digital vocabulary books.

To find the best vocabulary apps for iPhones, go through the blog and check the best ones that suit your English language learning requirements. Let’s get started!

  1. English Vocabulary Builder

Best for Beginners building their English wordbook from the ground up!

App Availability: Android

Price: Free

EVB is one of the most fundamental apps to learn the English language. Its user interface is simple and interactive; individuals of any age can adapt to it. This app offers a huge collection of words that you can learn on a daily or weekly basis. In addition, you can also review the words you’ve added to your custom list.

If you compare it with the best vocabulary book for adults, EVB is the better choice. It is considered the top English language learning apps for beginners, amateurs, and pros. The only disadvantage is its non-availability for iPhone users.

  1. Word of the Day

For people trapped in hectic life and schedules

App Availability: iOS | Android

Price: Free

You cannot improve your English terminologies unless you don’t make learning a part of your daily routine. Start by memorizing some words every day and keep up with the process. Make ‘Word of the Day’ your partner and enjoy its features. No matter how much you’re wedged in life or office, using WotD is worth it. It’s available for both Android and iPhone/iPad users.

Use this app and improve your communication skills and reading today!

  1. Memrise

For those looking to start hiccup-free conversations

App Availability: iOS | Android

Price: Free, Premium subscription available

If you want to become a vocab-rich person, then opt for Memrise. It’s a flashcard app that’s popular among iPhone and Android users. You can download it for free or pay a few bucks to use the premium mode. Memrise is recognized for its unique SRS (Spaced Repetition System). It has a built-in algorithm that amplifies the words/phrase learning process.

Memrise allows users to watch videos and listen to native speakers. This app provides hyper-realistic English vocabulary learning, unlike typical apps. It’s one of the best vocabulary apps for several reasons, not to mention its gamified appeal and learning courses that make it a popular phone app – better than the rest! Please do not buy essential vocabulary ebooks and PDs when you have Memrise in town – on the app stores.

  1. WordUp

To make people fluent in English terminology situations

App Availability: iOS | Android

Price: Free

If you seek nothing but vocabulary learning, then opt for WordUp. It is programmed by Geeks Ltd., a top-tier software company famous for developing applications for users. It’s like a squashed YouTube platform version made for English terminology.

WordUp comes with a wide range of short video clips, movies, and TV clips that demonstrate word(s) usage in context. The app employs spaced repetition for better retention. A low-key yet extraordinary aspect of WordUp is its collection of 20,000 words. It is an excellent tool for individuals who like to converse for long hours.

  1. Magoosh Vocabulary App

Helping people solidify their English phraseology eventually

App Availability: iOS | Android

Price: Free

Magoosh Vocabulary App is one of the best vocabulary apps for iPhones and Android. It targets individuals who want to prepare for advanced English tests like SAT, TOEFL, and GRE. This app is available for free. Download it today and enjoy its features.

With its audio mode, you can learn words through reading and listening. Definitions and real-life examples add up to your erudition. Moreover, Magoosh English App offers a word game mode for learners to enhance their vocabulary differently.

  1. Quizlet

Game up your English language with Flashcards and Quizzes

App Availability: iOS | Android

Price: Free

American English vocabulary books assist learners of all levels to ameliorate their vocabulary skills and master the language. Flashcards and quizzes are two essential learning methods in the Quizlet App. Surprisingly, the website has over 50 million users and occupies a top spot among English language learners.

The app consists of comprehensive study guides to help students with English exams. It comes with 7 unique modes prepared by keeping learners’ interests in mind. Our time limits us to elaborate on each phase. Purchase the app today and enjoy its features to the max.

Other best language learning apps include:

  • 4 Picks 1 Word – Merging Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with English vocabulary learning.
  • Alphabear – A Dream-come-true English phraseology learning app for puzzle game lovers.
  • VocApp English Flashcards – For those who have grown with the UNO deck of cards.
  • Busuu – the phone app with the largest English language learning communities.
  • Anki – Relish the best multimedia vocabulary-enhancing experience based on flashcard-style techniques
  • 7 Little Words – An innovative vocab-building game that provides 7 tiles to arrange words. Available for iOS and Android devices.


Learning the English language lexicon is a stepping stone toward better communication and listening. Not that the ubiquitous dialect is essential to survive, but it’s the only way to thrive in the progressive world. Besides pivoting through the best vocabulary apps, the MPC Author web space offers English exacting blogs and articles. You can scan-read a few and see how much difference they can make in the erudition process.

Quick recap: Pick your best language learning apps from the list and test run a few on your smartphone. Adios!

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